Hypermobility- Double Jointedness-

Bendy Joints-   Ehler Danlos Syndrome..


Joint hypermobility is a term to describe the capability of joints to move beyond normal limits, it has often be called "Double Jointedness." It can exist by itself or be a part of a more complex diagnosis.

  • Physiotherapists can assist by implementing Strengthening exercise programs which are the cornerstone of treatment for Ehlers–Danlos syndrome/ Hypermobility. Strengthening helps provide the surrounding joints with stability.

  • They are also able to assist in improving the stamina,  fatigue  and pain symptoms often associated with hypermobility. 

  • Hydrotherapy-a great way to strengthen with less joint strain

  • Other treatments available for children with hypermobility include: hydrotherapy,  tapping, massage, TENS  and orthotics. 

  • As a classroom teacher I am able to work with you, your child and their school create the optimal learning environment and manage your child's hypermobility issues.

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